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No more junk mail!

Online Marketing

If the recipient of your mail is happy to receive it, open it
and hear about your products and services  – that’s not junk mail. 
That’s targeted communication.  That’s direct marketing.

Are you wasting money mailing to those who don’t want your mail
or can’t even use your products or services?  Every time that’s the
case your mail is a complete waste. 

The Ad Farm, LLC is a recognized list broker with access to over 40,000
direct mail, email, telemarketing and insert or cooperative lists. 
Direct mail response lists can increase your response by 3 times
over a compiled household list.  If you’re selling steak sauce, why
not mail to the last 3 month mail order buyers of Omaha Steaks. 
If you’re selling Ohio State Buckeye golf balls, you could mail to
Golf Digest  active subscribers in Ohio.

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